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Located in Caronport, Saskatchewan, directly off the Trans Canada Highway, most of our students live in dorm on our quaint campus surrounded by farmland. Our nine student dormitories are located less than a five-minute walk to academic buildings, making Briercrest the perfect location to build long-lasting friendships, reflect on spiritual and academic teachings, and directly apply those skills to real-life scenarios.

We have a 2,400-seat chapel, a 25,000-square foot library, hotel, newly renovated dining hall, double-court gymnasium, ice rink, three on campus athletic facilities, a Subway, and three coffee shops.

Why Briercrest?

We believe in tight-knit communities that create lifelong friendships and a top-notch education that is centered in Christ and anchored in the bible.

We know college is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so we want to help you make it count. Briercrest College allows you to go all in on your faith, your values, and your education.

Who We Are

Founded in 1935, Briercrest College was created by a ministry that valued the word of God and whose educational philosophy was profoundly shaped by the scriptures. Today, Briercrest infuses those values into its diverse student body that represents over 60 denominations and its 26 academic degree programs taught by highly-credentialed professors.

Campus Life

Interested in what daily life looks like for a Briercrest student? You can expect classes that are based on a scripture-based curriculum, a close knit student body looking for a meaningful college experience, spiritual mentorship by staff and older students, and daily worship in Hildebrand Chapel.

Life at Briercrest isn’t just about rote memorization and career-prep, it’s about students and staff banding together to better understand what a life following Jesus means spiritually, academically, and socially.

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Briercrest College would love to have you! Contact us today for more information about our values, degree programs, admission guidelines, and our application process.

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Explore our campus virtually with our interactive campus map and learn more about all aspects of life at Briercrest with our video viewbook.

College Life

Life at Briercrest means being part of a tight-knit community. Explore below to find out more about life at Briercrest College.


We would love to help you explore how Briercrest College can play a role as you continue your life’s journey. Learn more how you can apply.

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Briercrest welcomes applications from students with disabilities. Indicating that you have a disability is voluntary and will not negatively impact your application. Indicating that you have a disability and/or have received accommodations gives us the opportunity to connect you with potential resources and supports. Your information will not be shared.

Definition of "Disability": physical, intellectual, mental health, psychiatric, sensory and learning disabilities as defined by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code – Section 2 (2.1).

What kind of academic accommodations have you received in high school or at another post-secondary institution? What accommodations would be helpful to receive in college? (ie. Note-taking, extra time for assignments, separate exam space)

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Declaration for Admission

All Briercrest College students must adhere to the guidelines and rules expressed in the Undergraduate Student Responsibilities and Expectations (pdf). This document outlines expectations for attending classes, college chapel and a local church as well as for abstaining from activities such as sexual immorality, the use of alcohol, and/or use of tobacco products. Please read through the Undergraduate Student Responsibilities and Expectations (just click on the link above) and check the box below if you agree to follow the guidelines and rules outlined therein. If you have any questions or concerns about the expectations of student conduct please contact the Enrolment Services office at
1-800-667-5199 or admissions@briercrest.ca.