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Briercrest welcomes applications from students with disabilities. Indicating that you have a disability is voluntary and will not negatively impact your application. Indicating that you have a disability and/or have received accommodations gives us the opportunity to connect you with potential resources and supports. Your information will not be shared.

Definition of "Disability": physical, intellectual, mental health, psychiatric, sensory and learning disabilities as defined by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code – Section 2 (2.1).

What kind of academic accommodations have you received in high school or at another post-secondary institution? What accommodations would be helpful to receive in college? (ie. Note-taking, extra time for assignments, separate exam space)

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All Briercrest College students must adhere to the guidelines and rules expressed in the Undergraduate Student Responsibilities and Expectations (pdf). This document outlines expectations for attending classes, college chapel and a local church as well as for abstaining from activities such as sexual immorality, the use of alcohol, and/or use of tobacco products. Please read through the Undergraduate Student Responsibilities and Expectations (just click on the link above) and check the box below if you agree to follow the guidelines and rules outlined therein. If you have any questions or concerns about the expectations of student conduct please contact the Enrolment Services office at
1-800-667-5199 or admissions@briercrest.ca.